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Rivers Casino subject to chip theft

Casino goers are used to hitting the gaming tables and enjoying their favorite casino games. From craps to blackjack, players load up on chips and hope to have the right strategy and make the right decision to earn a win. While most players are at the casino to have a good time, following the rules to the letter, others are not so law-abiding. (21/03)

Long Prison Sentence for Craps Cheater

Cheating at a casino is not uncommon. For almost every game type, someone has attempted to cheat the casino. From breaking into slot games for coins to betting after the dice have been thrown, players try to cheat the casino any way they can. By cheating the casino, players feel as though they can earn a quick buck. However, in most cases, the cheaters are caught and end up facing serious jail time. A player recently earned a large prison sentence for cheating several Atlantic City Casinos out of cash at the craps table. (26/06)

Atlantic City Craps Player Found Guilty of Cheating

Placing a wager after the dice have been rolled in craps is an illegal move and when done on purpose can get you into trouble. Most players know the rules of the game and understand that this move is illegal. However, it does not stop players from trying to take the casino for a little money. A New Jersey man is now facing jail time after being convicted of cheating an Atlantic City casino at the craps tables. (22/05)

Ohio Casino to add Electronic Table Games

Across the United States, there are gambling changes being made. Some states are more progressive than others, offering online gambling options or full casino gaming in brick and mortar facilities. Others are not so open and may offer restricted gaming or none at all. A casino in Cleveland, Ohio has announced they are now going to install several electronic table games in a new sports bar just in time for the next NFL season. (20/05)

Maryland Live! Opens Table Gaming Options

Maryland Live! is ready for operation in the state of Maryland and players will be excited to play the table games the casino will now have available. Players will be able to enjoy the table gaming options such as craps, blackjack, pai gow poker and so much more. The owners of the casino are hoping that the addition of table games will bring in more customers as well as increase the revenue numbers. (11/04)

South Florida Casino Adds Electronic Table Games

The Isle Casino and Racing facility located in Pompano Beach is sure to be very busy from now on as they now offer a form of table gaming options. The casino has now been allowed to add table games in the form of electronic games. Such games as craps, roulette and sic bo have been added to the casino. (29/06)

New Dice Game to be promoted by consulting company

A new dice game has been created by Brill Entertainment of Dallas titled Scossa. The game is similar to the casino games of craps and it was recently announced that A.G. Peralez Consulting will be promoting the new game across the United States. (23/12)

Student Dealers hope to be hired at Kansas Star Casino

The Kansas Star Casino has been hosting a casino school for those who want to start a career in casino table game dealing. Eighty students have signed up for the school which is located in Mulvane in an office building. The casino is set to open up in 2012 and they will be hiring all types of dealers including craps and blackjack dealers. (14/09)

Vegas Casino launches new craps/football game

When it comes to casino gaming there are many choices available. There are the basic casino games like craps, blackjack, poker etc. but then you have your variants of each game like Omaha for poker and the many other variations of casino games. the different variations give players more variety when it comes to gambling. Many land casinos create their own new games and variants of existing gambling games and the latest to do so is O’Sheas casino in Las Vegas. (25/03)

Bellagio doing away with $25,000 chip after robbery

If you have been living under a rock somewhere you may not have heard about the craps robbery that took place at the Bellagio casino in Las Vegas. A man in a motorcycle helmet came into the casino with a gun and stole over $1 million in chips. The chips taken were the $25,000 value amount and now the Bellagio is going to get rid of that option. (30/12)

Oklahoma Casino to Add Dealer and other Jobs

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma is working on an expansion project for the Choctaw Casino which will see one thousand jobs created. Positions will be open for table game dealers such as craps and blackjack while other jobs will need to be filled as well. (16/10)

Craps Cheater Sees Charges Dismissed

Richard S. Taylor has been all over the news for the past few months as he was recently found guilty of cheating at the Mohegan Sun while playing craps. Taylor has already been convicted to more charges had yet to be tried in the case. however a judge dismissed the case of the remaining charges on Monday after the prosecutor stated they no longer cared to pursue the case. (26/08)

Craps Dealer Pleads Guilty in Cheating Scam

Johnnie Baker is a former Mohegan Sun craps dealer who recently plead guilty to fourth degree larceny for his role in a cheating scam at the casino. Baker has earned a suspended prison sentence for giving a player earnings for illegal bets. (19/08)

Casino Hosting Special Craps Tournament This September

The Las Vegas Hilton Resort and Casino will be hosting a special craps tournament this September and the tournament will be giving away cash prizes. Players will be able to compete in the tournament for two days for their share of the $30,000 prize pool. (14/08)

River City Casino to Hire More than 200 Craps and other Casino Dealers

Pinnacle Entertainment Inc. is planning to open a new casino in Missouri next year and they are looking to hire several gaming dealers. Craps, blackjack, roulette and poker dealers are needed for the New River City Casino. (29/07)

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