Atlantic City Craps Player Found Guilty of Cheating
Placing a wager after the dice have been rolled in craps is an illegal move and when done on purpose can get you into trouble. Most players know the rules of the game and understand that this move is illegal. However, it does not stop players from trying to take the casino for a little money. A New Jersey man is now facing jail time after being convicted of cheating an Atlantic City casino at the craps tables.

Derek Bethea was found guilty last week of one count of swindling and cheating at casino gaming in the fourth degree and two counts of swindling and cheating in the third degree. It was determined that in August of last year the gambler placed a $1,100 bet on the game of craps after the dice had been rolled. The winnings were collected and the player left. He was then taken in to custody the next day and charged with the crime.

It was just a few days later he placed yet another bet, this time for $505, at the craps tables and did the same move but the casino did not pay for the bet. He was then taken into custody and charged yet again, hence the multiple charges. He then tried again and lost, but failed to pay up on the $240 bet.

According to authorities, the player has done this in the past as well. He apparently was convicted in 2001 for a similar offence and was given three years in prison. He also did the same actions again in 2005 and was sentenced to several years in prison, only getting out in 2013. Then turning around and doing the exact same thing. It will be interesting to see how the sentencing plays out this June for the habitual offender.

- 2014-05-22

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