Bellagio doing away with $25,000 chip after robbery
If you have been living under a rock somewhere you may not have heard about the craps robbery that took place at the Bellagio casino in Las Vegas. A man in a motorcycle helmet came into the casino with a gun and stole over $1 million in chips. The chips taken were the $25,000 value amount and now the Bellagio is going to get rid of that option.

MGM Resorts International the owner of the Bellagio casino has released a statement which read that the chips valued at $25,000 will soon become invalid. Players who are holding any of the $25,000 should redeem them by April 22nd if they want to get their money’s worth.

After the 22nd of April the operator stated the chips will be worthless. The Resorts Company first placed the notice in the classifieds last week in the Las Vegas Review Journal newspaper. It was just one week after the robber took the $1.5 million from the casino.

Police have been working ever since to try and find who had stolen the chips. Police and other casinos are watching to see if anyone tries to cash in casino chips especially in denominations of $100 to $25,000. So far there have been no significant developments in the case but hopefully with the casino doing away with the chips the robber will have to come forward and try to cash out the stolen items or the chips will be worth nothing.

It will be interesting to see if the robber will try to cash out the chips or if he will chalk it up as one up for the casino. Either way the casino wins, cause the robber will most likely be caught if he tries to cash out and if he doesn’t the casino isn’t out any money.

- 2010-12-30

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