Long Prison Sentence for Craps Cheater
Cheating at a casino is not uncommon. For almost every game type, someone has attempted to cheat the casino. From breaking into slot games for coins to betting after the dice have been thrown, players try to cheat the casino any way they can. By cheating the casino, players feel as though they can earn a quick buck. However, in most cases, the cheaters are caught and end up facing serious jail time. A player recently earned a large prison sentence for cheating several Atlantic City Casinos out of cash at the craps table.

Derek Bethea was recently sentenced to 17 years in prison for cheating three casinos in Atlantic City out of cash from the craps table. The player was sentenced last week after he was found to be guilty of cheating last summer at the casinos. Bethea was released from prison not too long ago for cheating at casino gaming and then hit the casinos again in the same manner.

Bethea was able to cheat the casino in the past but was caught. After being released from jail, he then decided to try and earn cash quickly by scamming several casinos again after he finished his jail time. The player was in court for a weeklong trial and was convicted of cheating and swindling the casino. Prosecutors were able to show that the player had placed bets at the craps table once the dice had already been rolled.

The cheating took place at three different casinos in Atlantic City. The Borgata, the Revel and Resorts Casinos were all victim of the fifty seven year old gambler. The player was convicted back in 2001 and 2005 for a similar crime. The player apparently did not learn his lesson the first time and will now spend almost two decades longer in prison for his crimes.

- 2014-06-26

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