Maryland Live! Opens Table Gaming Options
Maryland Live! is ready for operation in the state of Maryland and players will be excited to play the table games the casino will now have available. Players will be able to enjoy the table gaming options such as craps, blackjack, pai gow poker and so much more. The owners of the casino are hoping that the addition of table games will bring in more customers as well as increase the revenue numbers.

The table gaming options continue to grow in the state of Maryland and the Gaming Commission of the state has announced that the other casinos are seeing a decrease in gaming revenues while the Maryland Live facility is seeing a continuous increase in revenues. Randall Fine, an official of the American Gaming Commission, commented on the facility by stating:

“It’s the dominant facility in Maryland. It is an important driver in the state.” On the amount of players table games will bring in, Fine stated: “For example, if you have a husband who likes to play black jack and the wife likes slots, they might not come if both their needs are not begin met. They are different addressable markets. But in one household or group of friends you have both.”

The table gaming options will bring players in from all areas. Players who may normally go to other states such as Delaware, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Players who would not normally stay at the casino will now stay longer so they can enjoy the table gaming options. This is why the table gaming options are a great new option in the state.

The casino was able to bring in over $44 million last month alone and they continue to bring in large amount so cash every day. The casino has yet to see a decrease in revenues and it will be interesting to see if the casino continues to see an increase in revenues or if they will eventually see a downturn.

- 2013-04-11

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