Rivers Casino subject to chip theft
Casino goers are used to hitting the gaming tables and enjoying their favorite casino games. From craps to blackjack, players load up on chips and hope to have the right strategy and make the right decision to earn a win. While most players are at the casino to have a good time, following the rules to the letter, others are not so law-abiding.

It is not uncommon to find that players have tried to cheat the casino. Players have been known to place late bets at the blackjack tables to try and earn a win or become involved in schemes with dealers to be able to cheat the casino out of winnings that are not technically a win. Many casinos have been subject to cheating scams or theft with the latest coming from the Rivers Casino.

Located on River Road, the casino is reporting that $500 in chips were taken from a craps table at the Rivers Casino. The theft took place last Wednesday in the late evening hours. No other information is known about the theft, but one could imagine that the chip was taken during game play or while the player walked by the gaming table.

This is not uncommon, the theft of gaming chips. Players have been known to take small amounts such as this latest theft but also large amounts in the six and seven figure range during major heists. Larger thefts are usually part of a robbery of the venue or when a player works with an employee of the venue to be able to run a scam several times to try and not be obvious.

However, every casino uses state of the art technology to be able to keep track of gamers and to detect any suspicious activity. Players may try to beat the casino but as everyone knows, the casino always wins!

- 2016-03-21

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