Vegas Casino launches new craps/football game
When it comes to casino gaming there are many choices available. There are the basic casino games like craps, blackjack, poker etc. but then you have your variants of each game like Omaha for poker and the many other variations of casino games. the different variations give players more variety when it comes to gambling. Many land casinos create their own new games and variants of existing gambling games and the latest to do so is O’Sheas casino in Las Vegas.

FremantleMedia Enterprises have created a new game called 3 Dice Football. This game takes a little bit of the standard craps game as well as the sport of football. The game made its debut at O’Sheas just this week once state gambling regulators approved the addition at the casino.

When playing the game, the point is for players to score a touchdown. Players can get two sets of three downs or less to get twenty yards to score. Players are able to wager on the outcome of each roll or place a wager on the possession outcome. The new option is perfect for craps players who are looking for a little something different.

Fremantle Media Enterprises, which is based in London and creates many different entertainment options, created the game based on craps with a football theme. The game should be a big hit as it encompasses both a popular casino game as well as one of the most popular sports in the world. Players can now try out the game at O’Sheas Casino which is located on the strip in Las Vegas.

- 2011-03-25

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